Taxes are always due on or before January 31st, if certified timely.

Taxes become delinquent on February 1st; therefore never wait for a tax bill to pay taxes.  Section 31.01, Texas Tax Code states that failure to receive a tax bill is not grounds for waiver or penalty and interest and will not affect validity of the due date.  Should the last day of the month fall on a weekend or holiday, payments will be accepted the next business day.

Tax bills are usually mailed the same time each year.  If you have not received a tax bill by December, you can print a bill from the website, or call the tax office, 713-251-7960.

Spring Branch ISD is a separate taxing entity from the Harris County Tax Office.

The two taxing entities have the same account number because this is your property account number assigned by Harris County Appraisal District.  This is how the property is identified.  The Harris County Tax Office collects for the County, City of Houston, County Flood Control District, County Hospital District, County Dept. of Education, Port of Houston Authority, and Houston Community College System.  Spring Branch ISD collects for the school district, cities of Bunker Hill Village, Hedwig Village, Hilshire Village, Hunters Creek Village, Piney Point Village, Spring Valley Village, and Memorial Villages Water Authority.

No, this is not true.

When you turn 65 you receive an additional exemption that helps lower and freezes the amount of tax you pay.  It does not eliminate the tax.

In some cases, if the exemption amount is greater than the property value, there may not be a tax for that tax year.

Tax offices are required to mail tax bills to the “address of record” maintained by the property’s county appraisal office.

If you are the new owner of a property, or there is an ownership error including misspellings, or you need to change a mailing address, you must contact the Harris County Appraisal District.

Harris County Appraisal District is the only authority to change property tax records, not individual tax offices.  The tax office cannot add, remove or correct owners or mailing addresses without a certified tax roll from the appraisal district.  The tax office receives tax rolls at the end of each month.

If taxes are due, do not wait for an ownership change to pay.  Taxes will need to be paid on time to avoid penalties and interest.  Taxes are due on or before January 31st, if certified timely, regardless of the name on the bill.

Mortgage companies are required to request the tax bill(s) annually, even if they have requested them in the past.

If the mortgage company requests the tax bill, the tax bill will be sent to the mortgage company and not to the property owner.  If the mortgage company did not request the bill by September 30th, the tax bill will be mailed to the property owner.  If you have received a tax bill that is to be paid by the mortgage company, it is your responsibility to contact your mortgage company and to ensure payment is made timely